NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Viva Entertainment Group, Inc (OTC: OTTV), the global entertainment and technology company connecting video content owners and distributors to deliver the world’s TV options in all languages on any smart device with a screen, anytime anywhere is pleased to provide a detailed update on corporate highlights and discuss future strategic initiatives.

The company announced that, with Vivalivetv having reached a million-plus downloads on Google Play, commencing immediately through June 30th, 2021 Viva has started the new marketing and social media campaign that can be seen now on the digital billboard located at 1500 Broadway, Times Square, New York  City. The campaign will also be featured on Google & Youtube push notifications. The same will occur on BLU Mobile Phones. Radio in key markets, and television on most of the channels that are carried on the Vivalivetv Application.

Johnny Falcones, VIVA’s Chairman and CEO, provided further corporate and business goals, stating, “Reaching the million-download milestone is satisfying as it validates the hard work done through the years with the product quality now speaking for itself. This success could have not been done without the daily love and support of all the people that believed in what we do including the Viva staff, brand ambassadors, event promoters, advertising partners, strategic partners and our shareholders.”

Mr. Falcones announced that in coming days, the company will file an 8K information statement with details to update shareholders and new partners on new company initiatives and monetization and download strategies that incorporate the following:

  • Upgrading servers due to viewership volume.
  • Releasing the new Vivalivetv App for Samsung TVs.
  • Addition of over 5,000 movies
  • Addition of over 100 more channels including deals with ESTV the re-known Esports TV Company and Kiddo App the children TV company.
  • Viva and The Hollywood Creative Academy have built a channel which includes the Young Academy Awards founded by The Golden Globes. Ready to be aired April
  • Getting all live and on demand content on Vivalivetv to be ready for monetization in order to satisfy all signed agreements with over 14 ad firms totaling over 600 brands.
  • Original Movie Release Cause & Effect through Viva’s Partnership with The Movie Studio
  • June 26th Pay Per View for the URBAN CELEBRITY BOXING match
  • Sponsorship deal with the ad firm Atlantino for all Pay Per Views and Free Special Events “The Trifecta to be stream on Vivalivetv catered to all markets taking place on the following dates below:
  • Cinco De Mayo LA – Los Angeles – May 1, 21 –
  • 116 Street Festival Live from New York – July 10,21
  • Nuestro Fest – Miami- Hispanic Heritage – October 2nd, 21

About VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc

VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc. is a global entertainment and technology company connecting content owners and video distributors to deliver premium content on any smart device with a screen. Viva is a service provider that has developed an OTT system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a network such as the Internet. instead of being delivered through traditional television formats. Viva, your entertainment partner, provides subscribers access to the content they want anywhere, anytime. With a WiFi connection our customers can watch Live TV from around the world, TV shows, as well as movies on demand, Pay Per Streams Events Such as Concerts, boxing and many other interactive features. Independent and Major film studios, television networks, Telecoms, Cable Companies, and emerging ISPS partner with Viva for enhanced capabilities in multi platform video distribution. The only true end-to-end provider of premium content technology services, VIVA looks has licensed and deliver to linear and OTT video distributors across the world. VIVA is a publicly traded company under the stock symbol OTTV

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