All Audiences At The Fingertips

Our IPTV solutions allows for creating attractive business models by serving smaller local and larger audiences around the world.

Cost-Effective Global Solution

Live TV, TV shows, movies on demand and more thru Internet. Low cost and top quality. No terrestrial, satellite or cable television formats.

World-Wide Services In Real-Time For End Users

You can even install your own world-wide content delivery network within hours, to a broad range of client devices.
With a WiFi connection our customers can watch Live TV from around the world, TV shows, as well as movies on demand, Tele-video conference and many other interactive features.
The Venture provide quality programming to strengthen and maintain the Latino entity in the United States, taking into account the diversity of origins through the history, culture and different artistic expressions.

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Viva Entertainment Group is a global entertainment and technology company connecting everyone to view premium content on any smart device.

Viva Entertainment Group Inc.
A Publicly Traded Company
OTC Market symbol OTTV

Safe Harbor Statement
Queens, NY, USA

Info 833 848-2888

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