NEW YORK, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Viva Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTC: OTTV), a developer of OTT systems through which television services are streamed using the Internet and platform suites, is pleased to announce that a deal has been reached with the Combat Sports and Entertainment OTT/Pay Per Stream Giant Fight Tyme .

Fight Tyme is an OTT system and broadcast streaming network focusing on Combat Sports and Entertainment through its suite of apps available on virtually every web connected device. Fight Tyme has partnered with VIVA to expand their collective content offerings such as live Boxing, MMA, Gaming, Esports, Music, and Concerts. Fight Tyme is now available on VIVA Live TV on Channel 7. The Pay Per Streams will be aired on Channel 1.

Khalif-Delence A. Sheares Sr. Fight Tyme’s CEO stated, “We are continually innovating the technology sector while showcasing the strength and unity of collaborative economics between Fight Tyme and VIVA. “It is important that we work together in order to maximized our capabilities in order to provide not only the best service possible but the best events possible”.

Johnny Falcones Viva’s CEO stated. “This is a great moment in our company history. Our partnership will give greater strength and distribution in all of our efforts. The ability to sell an array of pay aper view or pay per streams events to our new and existing customers is just a dream come true.” We are looking forward to the years ahead, Fight Tyme brings a new an exciting dimension to Viva’s business model. Can’t wait for our event June 26th and our first Boxing match.

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About Fight Tyme Promotions, Inc.

Fight Tyme Promotions, Inc. (Fight Time) is a privately held combat sports promotions company that was founded in 2016 by Khalif-Delence A. Sheares Sr. and Sheldon Martin to bring diversity and inclusion in the fragmented combat sports broadcast industry. Fight Tyme Promotions, Inc. has developed an international OTT system and broadcast streaming network for combats sports, entertainment and esports which is currently available in over 200+ countries including every web-connected device such as Android, Apple, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon FireStick, Xbox One, PS4, PC, and VR Devices. Fight Tyme Music division was created to develop, market, and promote music, concerts, and music video through its platform. Fight Tyme is also the creator of its Esports Tournament platform which features popular video gaming titles such as Black Salt Coreuption, Fortnite, and Call of Duty.
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About VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc.

VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc. is a global entertainment and technology company connecting content, owners and video distributors to deliver premium content on any smart device with a screen. Viva is a service provider that has developed an OTT system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a network such as the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal and cable television formats. Viva, your entertainment partner, provides subscribers access to the content they want anywhere, anytime. With a WiFi connection our customers can watch Live TV from around the world, TV shows, as well as movies on demand, Tele-video conference and many other interactive features. Independent and Major film studios, television networks, Telecoms, Cable Companies, and emerging ISPS partner with Viva for enhanced capabilities in multi platform video distribution. The only true end-to-end provider of premium content technology services, VIVA looks to license and deliver to traditional and OTT video distributors across the world. VIVA is a publicly traded company under the stock symbol OTTV

Vivalivetv is available on: Google Play, App Store, Amazon, BLU Phones, Apple TV, ROKU TV, LG TV.

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