NEW YORK, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTTV) (“VIVA” or “the Company”), a distributor of Over-The-Top (OTT) IPTV content to consumers in a bundled subscription format, today announces a partnership with Alterna, a California based financial services company serving the Latin American and immigrant community in the United States. Together they will launch the VIVALiveTV Alterna® Prepaid Mastercard®, a prepaid card program targeting the U.S. Hispanic and immigrant markets and designed to provide financial inclusion to vulnerable communities and consumers. VIVALiveTV Alterna® Prepaid Mastercard®, is issued by First National Bank, member FDIC.

“Alterna recognizes the significance of enabling U.S. Hispanics who are unbanked or underbanked with financial tools and services they can trust,” said Joseph Seroussi, CEO of Alterna. “Together, we will continue to provide access to safe and secure financial products that serve the community and assist the nonprofits and organizations providing services to the community.”

The card program offers a safe, cost-effective alternative to cash, which has become more relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prepaid cards can reduce contact handling during a payment experience. Prepaid cards may also help cardholders avoid the inconvenience and costs related to waiting in lines to cash checks by providing the option to set up direct deposit from employers and benefit providers. Having access to a prepaid card also allows cardholders the ability to pay bills online or over the phone, instead of in person, which can also pose a health risk in an age of social distancing.

The VIVALiveTV Alterna® Prepaid Mastercard®, includes a bilingual mobile app, that gives cardholders easy account management and  a money transfer capability to other U.S. Alterna cardholders1. Coming later in 2022, a new cross-border remittance service will provide a card-to-card transfer option for sending money abroad. This service will first be available for transfers to Mexico, with additional countries becoming available through 2022.  These financial products will provide the Hispanic and immigrant communities in the U.S. with access to relevant, flexible, and valuable financial tools.

The card can be ordered today at or

Viva Entertainment chief executive officer, Johnny Falcones, commented, “Viva is excited to offer this exclusive card to our members and customers. Many of our fans don’t have access to conventional bank accounts.  This card will help them have financial autonomy by using features many of us take for granted, like paying with a card, transferring money and direct depositing paychecks.  Not having to carry around a lot of cash is safer and more secure while not having to pay check cashing fees will save people a lot of money.”

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